Urban Experience

Make the city your playground of self discovery

1-Day Experience for Moms in Paris

Tuesday, October 8th - 10am to 5pm


Being a mom is all-consuming, but it is not all you are.

It’s time to rediscover yourself!

We’d like to remind you that it is possible to focus on yourself, your needs, your personal goals, while focusing on your children too.

You’ll gain a new tribe of like minded Explorers. You might think you have to, but no one has to go through motherhood alone.

You’ll awaken your curiosity. Children explore with such ease – when last did you question something or step into unknown territory?

We want to inspire you to start moving through your world like an Explorer. Roaming, tracking, observing, and learning.

You’ll emerge more grounded and energized, ready to acknowledge and act upon your personal goals, leading you to new frontiers.

Explorers don’t only look like Christopher Columbus, they look like you and me.

With our science led and people driven approach, Antacara (which means frontiers in Sanskrit) is all about personal growth through the cultivation of new experiences.  We help people navigate transitions and evolve through changing lives in order to realize their fullest potential – Read more from Antacara founder, Jillian here.

While parts of our Paris experience will involve solo reflection, the power will also come from doing it as a group and realizing we’re not alone, and have a lot to learn from each other. Sign up with a friend, or be open to meeting new people.

Your Guides For The Next Event

Jillian Reilly

An American in South Africa and Antacara's founder, Jillian is a facilitator, writer and consultant. Jillian has worked on global social development for over 25 years and is now committed to helping people get “unstuck” in order to realize their full potential.

Anne Ditmeyer

An American by birth, French by hard work. Paris dweller for 10 years. Anne is creative coach and consultant by way of UX, graphic design, and global communication. She also goes by @pretavoyager online (translation: ready to travel).


“Family relationships. They can either be our greatest source of security or they can stifle us. Yet moving towards our frontiers invariably involves of reflecting on our most intimate relationships. I found becoming a mother one of the most challenging experiences in my life."

Have a listen to Antacara founder, Jillian Reilly...

What's Included

Leadership and facilitation from globally-recognized guides

One-to-one attention

Insights and practices to stimulate ongoing personal development

Handy Explorer’s Materials

Coffee and a Cocktail

Get out of your house

Get out of your head

Get connected to your city

Get reconnected to yourself

Invest in yourself for 275€

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“Many of us, we have a hard time putting ourselves on our own priority list, let alone at the top of it. And that's what happens when it comes to our health as women. We are so busy giving and doing for others that we almost feel guilty to take that time out for ourselves.”

Michelle Obama