Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to help you go farther


Shaped by our Pioneering Principles. Curated to hone your navigation system.

Antacara’s Approach Combines:

Physical Movement (online too)

Visual Tools and Outcomes

Creative Storytelling Techniques

Bespoke Products

Leveraging your knowledge and experience to help you go farther.

Here’s how we help you go farther:

Nobody goes to the frontiers alone. When you’re breaking new ground, it’s easy to feel disoriented, fatigued, overwhelmed. How do you get going? Or keep going? We’re here to help. To assist you in taking the next step. And then the next.


Navigate professional frontiers

Purposeful leadership is personal: your work a direct extension of your talents and passions. So the personal and professional blend in exciting – and sometimes exhausting! – ways. Yours is so much more than a job: you take it with you all the time. It takes you places you can’t fully explain. And it often takes you off on paths of your own.

What we can help you achieve

Antacara’s unique Exploratory Leadership model is perfectly suited for purposeful leaders on deep and steep leadership journeys that require you to explore, learn, adapt and create quickly. We help you hone the specific blend of reflective, strategic, creative, and entrepreneurial skills that can help you grow your organization, project or role. Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way, we’ll help you go farther.

  • Improved Self Awareness
  • Better Decision Making
  • Increased Learning and Adaptive Capacity
  • Heightened Creativity
  • Coaching: Our 3 packages can support you wherever you are in your journey: “Stepping Off” a path towards more purpose, “Setting Course” if you’re in a period of early stage ideation, or “Crossroads” if you’re facing a decision about how you carry on. 6 sessions over 3 months = moving forward and going farther.
  • Digital Learning: Watch this space for upcoming Exploratory Leadership Courses.
  • Customised Experience: We’ll customise an Exploratory Leadership Digital Event for individual clients or a collective of Explorers. Gather your colleagues or assemble as entrepreneurs (minimum 5 people) to tune up your explorer’s mindset and skill set.
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Navigate through complex landscapes

Forget five year plans, Explorers need detailed maps – creatively drafted and regularly revisited – to help them navigate their landscape. Yours is a process of probing and learning, regularly moving into new spaces, going beyond boundaries, and creating unique offers. Our approach to strategy is less about plotting straight lines and more about carving new paths. We help you find just that right blend of execution and experimentation – striking the right balance between focus and adaptability.

What we can help you achieve

Our unique Horizon Mapping experience (available online or in person) sees you and your team sketching what you see from here to the horizon. What can you expect to encounter as you set out towards your frontiers? Think quicksand, mountains and rivers. What are the “zip lines” that might help you go farther, faster? And where will you and your team recharge and replenish along the way? You’ll never look at the planning the same way again.

  • Clear Direction Setting
  • Ambitious Frontiers and “Zip Lines” Identified
  • Enhanced Awareness and Observation
  • Improved Adaptation and Learning Capacity
  • Coaching: Book a personalised Horizon Mapping Session to make sense of your surroundings and next steps through them. 1 Session – 1 Map – 1 switched on Explorer.
  • Digital Learning: Watch this space for upcoming Horizon Mapping Events.
  • Customised Experience: Let us host a Digital Mapping Session for your team with experiential approaches, time-frames to match your needs, and customised maps that will help me make sense of your surroundings and how you thrive in Uncertainty and Opportunity.
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navigate together

Every Explorer needs a crew. A team of people to help grow the vision, share the resources, and build the best vehicle to move forward.

What we can help you achieve

Our Team Expeditions bring you through a series of exploratory exercises – physical and creative – designed to enhance your individual and collective navigational skills. How do you still work together when you’re lost and confused? How do you find the best route forward towards a shared vision? And how can you support and enable each other, picking each other up and sharing leadership along the way). Leverage your collective talents and passions to head to new frontiers.

  • Enhanced Team Cohesion
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Improved Co-creative Capacity
  • Digital Learning: Join our Team Digital Events, which will enable you and your team to transition form managing uncertainty to embracing possibilities for learning, growth and stronger human connection.
  • Customised Experience: We’ll design a Digital Event around your specific opportunities, challenges and concerns. Taking you beyond a series of Zoom calls, our events will see you connecting, creating, moving and ideating towards new frontiers.
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What a joy to have been on this journey with you. From the carefully prepared invitation to the lovely area and wonderful red threads & guiding questions you have selected for us. I felt at home instantly, with the group, in Manyika House and with your guidance.

Jeanine Jansen

By really tapping into our senses and responding to the beauty around us in a new way, Antacara reequips us with the tools we need to surge ahead.

Joanne Shurvell

It was very inspiring to see something so new feel so easy...It was one of the greatest gifts.

Vahram Muratyan

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