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Focused on moving beyond the limits we set for ourselves

A place where we share our artistry and at the same time get real about life and the challenges of living it fully.  You’ll laugh! You’ll reflect!  Hopefully you’ll relate.

Part 1 – Richard Murray: In The Ring, Reaching His Frontiers

Personal and professional transitions - "This is really one of those time periods where you're almost breaking out of a're pushing your way through, not quite sure what's on the other side..." - Linking these transitions and crossing these boundaries, realising that everything is intertwined and connected.

Part 2 – Richard Murray: In The Ring, Reaching His Frontiers

Looking at the motives that drive us towards our Frontiers. What drives you? Is it ego? Or is it something greater? Are you trying to challenge the status quo, or perhaps prove something to yourself? "The Frontier is often a place where you have to stand're going to...

Part 3 – Richard Murray: In The Ring, Reaching His Frontiers

Happiness should not be the goal - it's been said many times before - life is about the journey, the different roads you take, and the stories you create - the end goal is irrelevant as the experiences that lead you there can often be more valuable than the end...

Leaving Your Comfort Zones

Like explorers of old went to new shores to discover new things, that's where culture grows, that's where societies are propelled forward, that's where personal growth and insights happen. At Antacara we invite you to bring that sense of adventure, to go and discover what there is to be discovered.

île de la Barthelasse

Family relationships. They can either be our greatest source of security or they can stifle us. Yet moving towards our frontiers invariably involves of reflecting on our most intimate relationships. I found becoming a mother one of the most challenging experiences in my life. Mother? Me, a mother?


Sometimes we need to step out of the patterns, scripts, and routines that shape our everyday lives. And then there are times when we need to step WAY off in order to recapture a sense of possibility, even wonder. I went to South Africa in 1993.

Your Stories

When did you start telling yourself you weren’t good enough? So many of us start in our early teen years and never stop. For me it started with Princess Diana’s haircut.

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