Portugal Expedition

21st - 25th October 2020

Come by yourself, with a friend (sharing is saving),

or book out an expedition as a group!


We offer a contemporary frame in an authentic region, where our guests can discover and enjoy themselves to their heart’s desire.

Andy Didden and Danny Puype

Casa Azimute, Portugal


Think beautiful views of the historic city of Estremoz, and the vast surrounding landscape. Exploration, discovery, and stillness awaits.



Meeting Point

Meeting in Lisbon - Moving from bustling city energy towards Casa Azimute - a window to the beautiful landscape of Estremoz.

The Spot

Between the green and the blue, exists Casa Azimute. 28 hectares of raw nature overlooking the infinite line with Estremoz on the horizon. Enjoy the endless time under a starry sky.


Explore the vast landscape surrounding Casa Azimute by foot or by bike. There are ruins to be explored, local food to be enjoyed, and hours spent connecting around the pool. "Azimute is derived from Arabic and means “road”, “direction”, “point on the horizon”. It is often used in astronomy and is also in place in this “dark skies” star region."


A Typical Day

Rise with the sun.

Take in your beautiful, unique surroundings.

Breakfast intention setting: What’s our quest today?

Set out into the ancient landscape: Who will take the lead today?

Back at Casa Azimute: Conversation and reflection on stepping into unknown spaces.

Dinner and fireside stories, songs and sharing.


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21st - 25th October 2020

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Do I need to be physically fit?

As long as you can walk comfortably, you’re good to go.  

Is there significant risk involved?

None that will put you in danger! Our aim is to help you embrace the unknown rather than put you at risk. 

I’m shy.  Is this for me?

We get all types of personalities, and you’re invited to share as much of yourself as you feel comfortable.


Want to explore further?

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