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Antacara isn’t a date you mark on your calendar. It’s a journey you commit to beginning.

It is a call to become an explorer in your own life – curious, intrepid, resilient.

This is a chance to reset your 21st century personal operating system – built around the everyday practice of curiosity, observation and the curation and tracking of diverse experiences.  Think of it as developing your own internal software to help you run in this age of disruption.
The Antacara journey is shaped by the spirit and practice of exploration through which we build the muscles needed to stretch out into our lives. To break patterns.  To take risks.  To get unstuck.  One day at a time.
To get out of your head and out into the world.
Our three offerings cater for both individuals and teams, for those looking to explore ideas and those looking to explore their lives.

So we invite you to come to Avignon to start a journey of personal discovery, or we’ll come to you for a closer-to-home group adventure.

However you experience Antacara, your horizons grow wider and you’ll set off towards them.

Our Expeditions For 2019

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Summer's End
4 - 8 September 2019

Our Three Phases

Equip you with skills and sensibilities to find your frontiers.


Envision and Provision (Avant Avignon)

Your journey starts at home. You begin to switch on your curiosity, observation skills, and your five senses; tune up your self-awareness, and connect to your current mindset. The Antacara code will help you begin to track your life and develop directional bearings to find your frontiers. You’ll begin to take stock of your patterns and your possibilities -- what's limiting you, what's calling you -- as you prepare for our time together. This includes:

  • “State-of-Self” assessments to consider your mind-body condition.
  • Directed experimentation with the Antacara code to begin to track your daily experiences.
  • Exclusive audio and written content in each of the five frontiers to assist you to reflect on your stories.
  • Access to a library of curated resources to from your thinking as you embark.


Orient (Ensemble en Avignon)

Discover Avignon, and rediscover your own sense of possibility. Each day we’ll push out to our frontiers in search of adventure, beauty and joy. During our time together, we’ll deepen our exploratory skills, practicing ways to make sense of our internal and exterior worlds. We’ll identify and build our understanding of how to move through our transitions, even as we pay close attention to our surroundings.

Yes of course you’ll need good shoes for our morning expeditions that fire up the frontier spirit. And comfortable clothes (don’t forget your swimsuit!) for afternoon conversation and reflection under shady trees. Bring your voices and instruments for nighttime stories, song and poetry around the fire. Over four magical days you’ll explore physically and metaphorically, inside and out. And drink plenty of cold rosé along the way.

  • All accommodation, food and wine included.
  • Materials, guides, camaraderie and magic come free.
  • Arrive for a Wednesday night “disorientation dinner.”
  • Daily morning excursions, mapped for purpose and discovery, into the island, the Rhone river banks, and Avignon.
  • Afternoons back on the expansive grounds of Domain de Rhodes to reflect, converse, deepen our practice, challenge each other, and build our community.
    • Learn how to map the contours of your frontiers
    • Use the Antacara Code to track and notate your explorations
    • Uncover hidden patterns, insights, and discoveries
    • Open up to possibilities of gift-giving and receiving, sharing and embracing the creative discomfort of the unknown
  • Evenings of leisurely dinners followed by stories, songs, poems and laughter around the fire.
  • Leave on the Sunday afternoon following a farewell lunch.


Embark and Discover (Apres Avignon)

Here’s where the journey gets real: Back at your desk, in your own bed, at the dinner table, grappling with how to carry your newfound skills and awareness through your life. We know that if you’re serious about transformation here’s where the work is. And we’ve got you covered. Each traveller will receive follow up support to help you chart the next steps on your journey. This includes:

  • Audio content touching on each of our five frontiers, with a focus on developing the practices and habits to embed personal change.
  • A group call to identify common themes and ways to support each other moving ahead.
  • Community space (online) to share experiences, failures, lessons and successes.
  • One Coaching Session to develop a personal, concrete way forward to reach your Frontiers.
  • Additional opportunities for individualized support with coaches and other professionals.

Our Experiences

Join Antacara for our Team Events, and reach your frontiers together.

Imagine your ultimate team off-site: out of the office, out of routines, out in the world, on a customized day long adventure that mimics your business context by presenting challenges, requiring cooperation and provoking wonder. Whether in the woods or on city streets, physical expeditions prompt reflection and connection by stimulating your senses and encouraging you to come alive again to growth possibilities.

Switching on your frontier mindset prepares you to pioneer by growing your team through a virtuous cycle of exploration and introspection, ambition and consolidation. You’ll gain an enlivened sense of capability and cohesion as a team, better prepared to head towards your business frontiers.

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Our Encounters

Join Antacara for our Keynote Talks, sharing ideas that take us to our frontiers.

For over 15 years, we have been offering thoughtful, provocative talks on the realities of human growth and development. Drawing from our rich global experiences, we weave stories, emotions and real life experiences into our rich conceptual content. While we will always tailor our content to the occasion, some of the core offerings include:
Thriving in the Wilderness: Rebooting your personal operating system for 21st century disruption.
Finding our Frontiers: How diverse experiences are the driver for personal and collective growth.
Courageous Conversations: How human connection drives adaptation and innovation.
Cracking your code: How developing a code for change catalyzes progress.

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[The artist] must return to the material world in order to do [their] work. It's the artist's responsibility to balance mystical communication and the labor of creation.

Patti Smith

Let’s discover and create together.

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