Our Partners

No one goes to their frontiers alone. Not even Antacara.

We’ve established partnerships with entrepreneurs and creatives who live on their frontiers and can help us travel to ours.

To go deeper, farther … and, yes, with style!

Antacara is a celebration of personal vision and expression. Of our creative spirit. And our pursuit of beauty and joy.

These partnerships reflect that. And we can’t wait to see who else joins us on this journey.

Our Antacara Frontiers Partners

We can't reach our Frontiers alone, so we are thrilled to have these inspiring businesses. and business owners, join us on this journey.

Tamburai and her team create a beauty that’s born of Africa but at home all over the world. This mother - daughter duo are serious boundary crossers, using African fabrics for items that are at home from Paris to DC. We’ve collaborated on Antacara goodies that will no doubt be an essential part of your onward journey. (And you can pick up more of their beauties in Avignon!)

PICHULIK pieces aren’t about adornment, they’re a reflection of a kind of spirit. Rather than asking you to hide behind their jewelry, Pichulik seems to dare you to claim something by wearing them: your power, your identity, your voice. And if you don’t wear jewelry don’t despair! We’re conspiring to collaborate on some objects to take with you to the frontiers. Your talisman awaits!

The Zuri dress is perfect for heading out to your frontiers, like a uniform for a global nomad. Not only are these dresses striking and unique- they’re ridiculously comfortable and versatile. Wear them from city to country, work to play, and day to night. These women are living on their frontiers and helping us get there with personality and beauty. We’ll be stocking their dresses and there’s every chance you’ll walk out of Avignon in one!

Emilie shares the Antacara’s that travel isn’t a tick box exercise. It’s an adventure- a heart led trip shaped by exploration and connection. Let Emilie put together an itinerary for you that will extend the Antacara experience into a deliciously unforgettable holiday.

The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s discover and create together.

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