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21st Century Explorers

It’s time to Create something new

We’re Entrepreneurs. Artists. Engineers. Investors. Teachers.

Most of us have stepped off of a conventional career path. Stepped back from a corporate jobs. Stepped away from roles or titles that never really fit.

Each one of us is now exploring our own paths.

Stepping into uncertainty.

Creating something new.

Explorers gatherings offer the opportunity to practice creative improvisation, authentic connection and reflection.

Inside out navigation.

Experience creative exploration

Improvisational. Non-linear. Transformational.

Empathetic. Inclusive. Diverse.

What if you didn’t know what was coming?

And you went anyway?

Training ourselves to thrive in uncertainty is key to 21st century success.

Each week brings uncertainty and possibility.

A new creative opportunity.

And a chance to hone your ability to create amidst uncertainty.

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