Our Approach

Others retreat: We move forward to our frontiers!

By being explorers we are not withdrawing from life but facing it with renewed vigour, clarity and confidence. By really tapping into our senses and responding to the beauty around us in a new way, Antacara re-equips us with the tools we need to surge ahead.

Jillian Reilly


Get Moving

To create forward motion we need to:

Learn to navigate - Exploring yourself and your surroundings.

Rediscover nature - Step out into the wilderness, attentively tracking your experiences.

Embrace novelty - The new and the unknown are exactly where growth resides.

Get moving - Literally taking steps towards your frontiers through active exploration.

The Antacara method carries you into a new version of who you are and how you move through the world.

Cultivate an Explorer’s Mindset

Antacara experiences develop your explorer’s mindset, preparing you for a lifelong journey of growth and discovery.

Push far past your perceived limitations.

The places that challenge you are the places where you need to go!

Forget about just fixing your problems. Change your point of view to unleash your sense of possibility.

Learn to Navigate

You know you need to move on. But you don’t know how to take the first steps.

Antacara works the problem. Through frameworks, exercises, and feet-first practice, you articulate your frontiers and develop the habits, practices and principles of navigation to move towards them.

You’ll navigate your way out of your comfort zone and towards the unknown frontiers you yearn for.

We'll be walking alongside you.

Because nobody travels to their frontiers alone.

Why Joy?

Guess what? Antacara experiences are (dare we say it?) fun.

Expect laughter. Nightly aperitifs and music. The odd game of boules...

We learn and grow faster when we’re light-hearted and sure-footed.

Expansiveness is born of happiness.

You’ll be reminded of how your life blooms amidst delightful days.

Is this for you?

If you’re looking for growth and change in any of the five areas below, we’ve got you covered.


Marcel Proust

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