Kenya Expedition with WonderWalk

19th - 22nd April 2020

Come by yourself, with a friend (sharing is saving),

or book out an expedition as a group!


A life has to move or it stagnates. Even this life, I think. Every tomorrow ought not to resemble every yesterday.

Beryl Markham

When there is really nothing left to do or believe, except to remember, walking helps retrieve the absolute simplicity of presence, beyond all hope, before any expectation.

Frédéric Gros

It was a magical experience doing, walking, being, creating in the magical forest.


What a joy to have been on this journey with you. From the carefully prepared invitation to the lovely area and wonderful red threads & guiding questions you have selected for us. I felt at home instantly, with the group, in Manyika House and with your guidance.

Jeanine Jansen - Kenya, February 2020

Manyika House, Kenya


Think wild forests, walks on ocre-coloured paths, and evenings spent around the fire - external and internal exploration in the heart of Africa.



Meeting Point

We meet in Nairobi, with a WonderWalk in the forest, making our way to what lies ahead.

The Spot

Manyika House, home of an iconic pioneer, Beryl Markham. Your base to begin your journey of exploration.


Explore the outskirts of Nairobi by day, and go inward at night with dinners around the fire. We walk out to seek inwards. Into the wilderness to reclaim decisiveness. Moving forward with our feet to move forward with our lives.


I feel lucky for today and having you wonderful facilitators guiding us through the path. As we sometimes in our lives lose our way, but need someone to point us again in the right direction. That is what your initiative, WonderWalk, is are our torch 🙂

John Mukeni Namai, Professional Storyteller

At the end, what I could and should do was very vivid and clear. I could smell, see colors when I closed my eyes to reflect on my choices. What stood out is that no one had to really tell me how to make my choice, and hearing suggestions that piqued my mind towards something that was quite 'obvious'....The intriguing thing is that I was able to connect to my choice, it is almost like the obstacle I faced found a persona.

Wemo Kitawa, Mama Ventures

To all you ladies reading, who haven’t yet been in Hanne’s presence - she has a beautiful way of guiding you to the most profound realisations about yourself and your life! I highly recommend anything she creates!

Lulu Kitololo

A Typical Day

Early rise! Listen to the bush wake up.

Stretch out with sunrise.

Breakfast intention setting: What’s our quest today?

Set out into the bush: Who will take the lead today?

Back at camp: Conversation and reflection on stepping into unknown spaces.

Dinner and fireside stories, songs and sharing.

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19th - 22nd April 2020

Let's Find Our Frontiers Together

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Do I need to be physically fit?

As long as you can walk comfortably, you’re good to go.  

Is there significant risk involved?

None that will put you in danger! Our aim is to help you embrace the unknown rather than put you at risk. 

I’m shy.  Is this for me?

We get all types of personalities, and you’re invited to share as much of yourself as you feel comfortable.


Want to explore further?

The Antacara Experience: Find Your Frontiers - By Anne Ditmeyer

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