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We walk alongside you. Listening. Exploring. Discovering.


The Antacara team combines decades of experience in human growth and development.

We’ve channeled our collective learning, passion and continued curiosity into helping Antacara community members discover their life’s frontiers.

We know it’s not about teaching or preaching. Or sitting and talking. It’s about helping people stretch out into the world again. It’s about creating experiences where people can see themselves – and their worlds- with eyes that are alive to possibility.

Jillian Reilly


I crossed my first frontier when I was fifteen years old and journeyed to France on a school exchange program. The first in my family with a passport, I quickly developed a taste for adventure and exploration – of myself and the world.  Yes, geographic frontiers were always my thing.

This taste for exploration took me to South Africa in 1993 – the country on the brink of its historic elections.  I’d just graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in African History and English Literature and was determined to have a front row seat to this historic transformation. After monitoring the 1994 elections, I stayed for another four years facilitating organizational development and change with community groups and non-profits. An extraordinary time for a young woman determined to make an impact.

In 1997 I moved to Zimbabwe to start an HIV/AIDS program at the height of the country’s epidemic.  It was a crash course in human behavior change – and I learned a tremendous amount both about my limitations as a change-maker and the challenges of life on your emotional frontiers. I’d later write about these experiences in my memoir, Shame: Confessions of an Aid Worker in Africa, which explores the promise and perils of trying to “do good”.

I’ve always sought to write narratives that challenge our conventional understandings of our world. My journalistic works have been published in the Washington Post, LA Times and Newsweek.  While my play Pillow Talk seeks to understand the spread of HIV/AIDS across Africa through the intimate lens of human relationships.  My TedX talk, Vain Aid, relates my experiences of the failings of international aid and development.  And most recently, through my Courageous Conversations podcast series, sponsored by the Ford Foundation, I sit down with leading local activists to explore the real life challenges of leading everyday social change.

With Antacara I’ve shifted my focus from organizations and communities to individuals. From social problems to individual possibilities. From pain to promise. From exploring geographic frontiers to those that exist deep inside each of us.

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Ben Carmel


My latest frontier is living in the heart of Europe. Geneva offers a completely different perspective – at once international and provincial – and a whole new set of opportunities. But this is far from the first (or last) frontier!

As a young man, I took an unconventional 7-year plan through undergraduate studies, to live overseas and to travel extensively in Southeast Asia.

After completing an MA, I was lost. But finding yourself lost can be the first step creating your way. After teaching at the University of Portland (Oregon), I found my way into instructional design (ID).  After 15 years, I could feel the industry (and the economy) shifting beneath me. Sensing that traditional training programs were inadequate at best, I determined that it was time to create something new.

Since 2015, I’ve been consulting at the cross-section between individual career development, organizational information sharing and the methods of personal learning through career, connection and creation. Throughout it all, I have kept a hand in creative expression as a musician, writer and deep social thinker.

I now look to a new frontier in helping bring Antacara to life. I am eager to share my experience in individual learning and sense-making practice with a new community that Antacara will create.

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Karden Rabin

On mind/body connection

Karden Rabin is the Director of the Center for Somatic Intelligence, Founder of Boundless: Integrative Wellness Center and an expert in holistic wellness.

Allergic to dogma and monkey-see monkey-do therapies, Karden is an obsessive experimenter, and never stops testing the effectiveness of old and new approaches to healing. As a clinical practitioner and educator, Karden investigates the emotional, behavioral, neurological and physiological dimensions of every client and their challenges.

Over the past decade, he has developed and led programming for The Wounded Warrior Project, Adaptive Sports Foundation, Volunteers in Medicine, Berkshire Health Systems and has taught at Summit and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. In love with what he does, Karden teaches internationally and maintains a full time practice at his clinic in The Berkshires of Massachusetts – http://www.bound-less.com/

Karden Raben
Holger Nauheimer

On Deep Listening

In the 1980’s, camel nomads at the Horn of Africa, the artists of uncertainty, living in an ever changing environment, taught Holger the essential lessons that he needed in order to grow into his professional life. Since 1995, Holger Nauheimer has been an inspirational trainer and facilitator, renowned for his work in various fields such as leadership development, team collaboration and organizational change, combined with a deep knowledge over a wide range of industry sectors.

Holger is a pioneer in the concept of Deep Listening. He believes listening is the key for building relationships, for leading self, others, businesses and the world – https://www.hnauheimer.net/

“Good listeners can prevent disasters or develop breakthrough innovations. A world full good listeners would be a better world. We know intuitively that we can open the hearts of other people when we listen empathetically. And yet, we practice this skill only on the first date with a new mate. In agile teams, listening to each other is one of the preconditions for successful work.”

Celine is passionate about new leadership strategies that mobilize internal or external stakeholders, enable corporate transformation and boost business value.

A TEDx speaker, Celine was awarded the Medal of the National Order of Merit by the French government in 2017 for her efforts for diversity in the workplace.

In this talk, Holger introduces contemporary concepts of communication, focusing on how you can continually work on and develop your listening skills.

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Celine Schillinger

On Professional Reinvention

A pioneering voice in Engagement Leadership, Celinehas been recognized multiple times for her large-scale innovative engagement initiatives in the corporate world.   Prior to her 17 years’ experience in the pharma industry across Business Operations, Marketing and Industrial Quality, Celine worked with communications, defense and trading companies.  Hanoi, Vietnam, Beijing, China and Boston, USA were all once called home for her.

Celine now works from France and brings her insider experience of the Kotter approach:  Celine has driven a transformation movement impacting a change population of 10,000 people across Industrial Operations and Quality functions worldwide – https://weneedsocial.com/

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Our Partners

We walk alongside you. Listening. Exploring. Discovering.

We’ve established partnerships with entrepreneurs and creatives who live on their frontiers and can help us travel to ours.

To go deeper, farther … and, yes, with style!

Antacara is a celebration of personal vision and expression. Of our creative spirit. And our pursuit of beauty and joy.

These partnerships reflect that. And we can’t wait to see who else joins us on this journey.

Our Antacara Frontiers Partners

We can't reach our Frontiers alone, so we are thrilled to have these inspiring businesses. and business owners, join us on this journey.

Tamburai and her team create a beauty that’s born of Africa but at home all over the world. This mother - daughter duo are serious boundary crossers, using African fabrics for items that are at home from Paris to DC. We’ve collaborated on Antacara goodies that will no doubt be an essential part of your onward journey. (And you can pick up more of their beauties in Avignon!)

PICHULIK pieces aren’t about adornment, they’re a reflection of a kind of spirit. Rather than asking you to hide behind their jewelry, Pichulik seems to dare you to claim something by wearing them: your power, your identity, your voice. And if you don’t wear jewelry don’t despair! We’re conspiring to collaborate on some objects to take with you to the frontiers. Your talisman awaits!

The Zuri dress is perfect for heading out to your frontiers, like a uniform for a global nomad. Not only are these dresses striking and unique- they’re ridiculously comfortable and versatile. Wear them from city to country, work to play, and day to night. These women are living on their frontiers and helping us get there with personality and beauty. We’ll be stocking their dresses and there’s every chance you’ll walk out of Avignon in one!

Emilie shares the Antacara’s that travel isn’t a tick box exercise. It’s an adventure- a heart led trip shaped by exploration and connection. Let Emilie put together an itinerary for you that will extend the Antacara experience into a deliciously unforgettable holiday.

The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities; but to know someone who thinks and feels with us, and who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.


Connect. Share. Discover.

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