We might be retreating, but that doesn’t mean we can’t advance.

We’re all entering uncharted waters. New landscapes lie before us, professionally, socially, and internally. You might be asking yourself, “Where do I go from here?”

As an explorer, you will inevitably encounter hurdles and obstacles to overcome. As with any journey there will be challenges. It’s important to remember that these are not roadblocks or dead-ends. These are opportunities to forge ahead on a new path, or sometimes it’s an opportunity to create a new path entirely.

We all need to navigate a new way forward.

But how do we do that?

We believe it’s time to get creative in the way in which we connect, explore, and exist within our world. 

Let’s use this time to curate our past experiences, to be attentive to how we have been living our lives. Think about what you miss, what served you, and what you valued from being able to step out into the world. Then also take a moment to think about what you are relieved to let go of – what can you actually live without?

This is an opportunity to take stock of what made up your daily life. 

This is an opportunity to decide what you keep carrying with you and what you can leave behind.

A new journey requires a new map, a new set of tools, perhaps even a new compass set to a different North. Use this opportunity to reset, reevaluate, and remind yourself of what and who really drives you farther.

Amidst the fear and panic, there has been an overwhelming sense of human camaraderie emerging as we all experience this global pandemic together. Communities have come together in new ways, stories of support and empathy amongst neighbours has been shared all over social media – it is clear that we have been united, not divided, by this shared experience.

It’s taken forced isolation for us to realise how much we need human connection and physical exploration.

It’s taken this crisis for us to realise what matters most in life, and what really propels us forward together.

We thrive when we reach out. We thrive when we step out. And we thrive when we connect.

Let’s emerge from this more deliberate. Let’s emerge from this more conscious.

Deliberately making choices that drive us further, professionally, personally, mentally, and emotionally. This is an opportunity to be more conscious about what we do, how we do it, and who we do it with.

Don’t lose momentum. This is not the end, merely the beginning of a new journey.