Thank you to Joanne Shurvell, Forbes contributor and recent Solstice & Cicadas attendee, for this wonderful article about our Antacara Avignon Experience.

Antacara Frontiers, Adventures And Purposeful Solo Travel In Enchanting Location by Joanne Shurvell

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” – Miles Davis

Break patterns, take risks, get unstuck and do all these things now. Ici maintenant (here now) was our mantra over a four-day sojourn with Antacara Frontiers in one of the loveliest areas of southern France. Single travellers looking for trips that have meaning and enable self-improvement will enjoy a getaway with Antacara Frontiers.

A search for life’s meaning is nothing new but purposeful solo travel appears to be a more recent and more urgent objective of many, driven by our stressful world of political strife, environmental concerns and general uncertainty about the future. Antacara Frontiers, a new venture by former aid worker Jillian Reilly, is ideal for anyone looking for a holiday that offers more than simply a beautiful location.

Antacara is designed to help anyone who needs to focus, identify their strengths and stop behaviors that block self-growth and success. The Antacara package includes a five-night stay with meals at Domaine de Rhodes, a series of activities and followup coaching by skype afterwards.

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