Last November, I met Richard Murray at the Summit conference in LA – a weekend gathering of influencers whose collective cool and glamour caused me prescription level impostor syndrome. Rich and I had been paired prior to the event by kind-hearted organizers who obviously knew that some of us would need engineered encounters to avoid a full-on panic attack.

Affable, breezily successful, Rich made networking amongst the influential look easy. Yet as we sat down to lunch together, he instantly put me at ease when he said the event felt akin the first day of high school. We made our way through introductions and vegetarian fare, sharing what had each brought us to the weekend. And I’d quickly concluded that Rich was just a super successful, young Wall Street type … when he casually referenced a charity boxing match he’d staged in honor of his late mother. Boxing match? I put down my bamboo fork. I admit to a visceral dislike of anything “boxing”, so the idea of an amateur actually competing in a high profile match seemed the work of either insanity or ego.

Still, I was intrigued. I’m in the business of helping people to cross their frontiers, and I could see Rich had certainly gone beyond his. I pressed for more information, and began to shift my perspective. I realized that what looked on the surface like bravado,was actually an exquisite act of vulnerability.

So I decided to interview Rich – he in New York, me in Cape Town – to hear the boxing match back story, to delve deeper into Rich’s emotional journey across his frontiers. Rich shared so openly and thoughtfully on subjects ranging from the passages we take through our lives, to the transitions and struggles throughout adulthood, and the ways that we seek to make sense of pain and loss.

Here’s a man who journeyed to his frontiers. Yes, by putting himself in the middle of a boxing ring. But perhaps more importantly, by engaging with emotions he thought he’d put away.

Have a listen here.

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