From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until the moment we close them again, we are experiencing a variety of situations, interactions, people, challenges, successes, and feelings – moving through different landscapes both physically and mentally. How often do you take a moment to take note of what you experienced?

How often do you check in with yourself and reflect on what you saw, experienced, and felt?

Imagine you could, simply and effectively, track your daily life using a series of unique codes…

At Antacara Frontiers, we have developed a set of Tracking Codes, which allow you to take note of what you may be experiencing throughout your day.

Why would you want to do this?

For us the answer is simple – It creates a habit of self-reflection and observation, which ultimately results in personal, professional, and creative growth.

How often do we find ourselves at the end of the day feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and our minds reeling with the day’s experiences? Can you easily recall your day if someone asks how your day was?

What if by checking in with yourself a few times a day, and tracking your mental and emotional state as well as your physical surroundings, you were better able to remember what you experienced?

Instead of feeling stuck or lost, you could feel reassured and motivated.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you could have a sense of clarity, returning home with an uncluttered mind.

Instead of living your life from one blurry day to the next, you could start clarifying the moments that make up your life, and ultimately identifying what you need more of and, perhaps, what you can let go of.

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