Antacara (Sanskrit for "Frontiers")

Experiential Learning for Purpose-Led People



Entrepreneurs, creatives, rebel leaders.

Problem solvers. Dreamers. Second-half-of-life-schemers.

Our jobs are more than a title. Our companies more than a bottom line.

Each of us carving a path. Or preparing to step onto a new one.

Each on journey of discovery to create unique alternatives to meet the world’s felt needs.

Antacara helps you go farther

You’re somewhere on this journey...

Ready to step off a path…taking your first steps to carve your own path…still early days on this path…been on the road for a while.

Wherever you are, we’ll help you go farther.

Learn To Navigate

For anyone seeking to innovate or create, navigation skills are critical. When the path isn’t marked, when the destination is as yet undiscovered, you have to figure out how to progress forward amidst deep uncertainty and vast possibility.

Nobody will tell you where to go – or how to get there – you have to find your way yourself through…

Personal knowledge: “Know yourself” – An explorer’s single biggest asset is self knowledge:  understanding the patterns of thought and behaviour that will hinder and help you on your journey of discovery.

Observational skills: “Understand your environment” – Because you’re regularly entering new territory, your observational skills will help you both respond to and learn from new circumstances and environments.

Adaptive capacity: “Learn quickly” – Explorers need to continuously curate and apply their learnings in order to leverage wins most effectively and avoid repeating mistakes.

Decision making: “Choose the right path” – Fine-tuning ad decision making practice aids explorers on an everyday basis and at major crossroads, helping you to avoid wasting resources, depleting energy, and ultimately reversing course.

Creative ability:  “Create useful alternatives to what’s currently available” – Sharpening your creative instincts helps Explorers push the quality and impact of the solutions you’re creating.


Supporting individuals develop the mind and skill set needed to grow purposeful projects over time


Helping individuals and teams map their way forward through possibility and uncertainty


Helping groups work better together to achieve shared sense of purpose

I'm am still amazed at how much we covered together and the ease with which so much released. It's like I've just done 4 months of therapy in 4 days yet so much more to to take home than the therapy!

Kijo Waruhiu

What a blast, what an experience - physically, emotionally, cognitively and - most of all - socially.

Anne Marie Rattray

I didn’t know what to expect, but I came with an open mind. And I am glad that I gave it a chance and was also brave to start this journey.

Sabine Schauer

It was such a wonderful experience. I’m curious where my compass will take me.

Anne Stark Ditmeyer

Antacara Audio

Our Antacara Audio Collection consists of poems, stories and creative reflections focused on moving beyond the limits we set for ourselves in order to find our frontiers.

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Photo Credits: Vahram Murapyan, Anne Stark Ditmeyer, Gabrielle Shaw, Holger Nauheimer