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Antacara (Sanskrit for "Frontiers") is a transformative personal development experience designed to get you moving: into the world, beyond your limitations and exploring the frontiers of your life.


"Break patterns, take risks, get unstuck and do all these things now. Ici maintenant (here now) was our mantra over a four-day sojourn with Antacara Frontiers in one of the loveliest areas of southern France..."

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We get it

You need to move on

From a job. A relationship. A routine.

So it’s time to stop talking.

And start walking.


Getting Unstuck

Where neuroscience and intuition meet

By seeking diverse experiences, our minds grow and our capabilities expand.

Getting unstuck becomes a joy rather than a burden.

I'm am still amazed at how much we covered together and the ease with which so much released. It's like I've just done 4 months of therapy in 4 days yet so much more to to take home than the therapy!

Kijo Waruhiu

What a blast, what an experience - physically, emotionally, cognitively and - most of all - socially.

Anne Marie Rattray

I didn’t know what to expect, but I came with an open mind. And I am glad that I gave it a chance and was also brave to start this journey.

Sabine Schauer

It was such a wonderful experience. I’m curious where my compass will take me.

Anne Stark Ditmeyer

What can you expect?

Engaging locations. Daily facilitation and guided activities. One-to-one attention. Small group settings. Original content. Individualised coaching. And good food and wine with every experience.

Learn how to:

Embrace uncertainty and adapt to change - the world is evolving, so can you.

Uncover and overcome your limiting habits and beliefs.

Integrate your physical, emotional and intellectual awareness.

Create new personal narratives to drive growth and change.

Identify and share your next frontiers - if it's on your mind, it's time to do it.

Take attentive steps towards those goals with authenticity and purpose.


Antacara Audio

Our Antacara Audio Collection consists of poems, stories and creative reflections focused on moving beyond the limits we set for ourselves in order to find our frontiers.

Connect. Share. Discover.

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Photo Credits: Vahram Murapyan, Anne Stark Ditmeyer, Gabrielle Shaw, Holger Nauheimer